Wednesday, March 12, 2014

OKAY! Chemo: one down, three to go!

It really was not too bad. The worse part was when I opened my thermos to take a sip of my (camping style, rehydrated, overly herbified, watered-down-modified-fast of a) soup, and a determined droplet splashed directly into my eye! 

Actually, the only real discomfort was the four- read it, four--stabs it took for the nurse to find my vein. And there I thought I had done such a good job hydrating, going for a lovely sun-drenched walk beforehand, visualizing happy, paten, blood-filled welcoming veins! Next time, will ask for Sue, the nurse who got it, instead of the younger, albeit earnest and lovely, but less experienced gal.

Could have been nerves causing vasoconstriction; that said my nerves were fine & dandy before the first stab. But it hurt like the dickens as she wiggled and waggled and wrangled that needle around, sort of digging, not really sure what for! Had half a mind to grab the needle & do it myself!  So, we took a break, I did some alternate nostril breathing, drank a bunch of water, (should have brought the vodka!) went for some laps up & down the hallway and sat back up on the throne of a recliner chair. I file this kind of thing under little bumps in the road. Emphasis on little. When something hurts like that, my mind goes immediately to stop #1: how much I love my life and love my family; I can get through anything. Nurse Sue got it straight away and we were off & running.

I did bring the nurse crew a small tin of homemade chocolate chip, oatmeal cookies, why not? And think I have everyone’s name memorized to boot. I like calling people by name.

I did not feel anything at all during the 3 hour infusion; now have my mind's eye focused on the powerful chemo drugs that kill the crap out of any wayward cancer cells that might be floating about. 

The 5 day modified fast has been fine, though I am looking forward to eating in the morning! I am truly in love with the uber-spiced up kale chips, but I need a bushel full, not the teacup full allotted each day. It’s embarrassing licking the inside of a bag.... Burgers sound more like it and ketchup, too. Dreaming of crème brule with raspberries & cream.

During the drip, drip, drip of infustion, I played a game of Scrabble with Sophie, had a kick-ass 7 letter word: SPATULAS and beat her roundly. I feel okay saying that. I cannot throw any more Scrabble games to offspring. Though I taught everyone in this family how to play, I CANNOT often win a game. Also, we watched my first episode of Dowton Abbey while at the hospital, so that will be a fun, easy distraction in the coming months.

Thank you again for all your love and care, your cards, your gifts, your visits, the spectacular food, the foot rubs and of course all the prayers and positive energy you continue to send my way. I feel it everyday, I will be forever in debt. 

Spring is chomping at the bit- not a minute too soon, grateful for the timing over here, the longer days, the true warmth of the midday sun.
Love & light, AMY

Here's a panoramic view of our kitchen, with 100s of your cards adorning. 
When we sit in here, we absorb it all!

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