Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Dear Friends and Family,
Some years ago while on a rare and special trip to the south of France to make books and art by the sea sans la famille, I wandered into an outdoor market. While there and on impulse, I bought a beautiful silk scarf, uncharacteristic for me, as I never wore scarves, not for warmth, not for fashion. How could I have known that many years later my floral wonder in swirling maroons and soft browns would be my favorite piece of cloth to cover my bare head during treatment for breast cancer? How could I have known how my friends & family would step up to love and support me through this crazy year? I guess we just never don know how one material thing, one event, one interaction or shared experience might connect us to the next as our lives unfold before us. This pushes me to be the best I can be at every turn, you just never know!

We are counting our blessings here with the completion of radiation treatments last week.  The kids were all home for a quick visit to help me mark the moment. And boy was it good to be all together, if even for just a skinny minute.

I am taking this month to build my reserves and gear up for the next phase of things.  I'll have surgery to gently remove my ovaries & fallopian tubes, & then the implants swapped out for more permanent ones later this fall. I will start Tamoxifen soon, which blocks estrogen receptors in my body… other words, a bit more diving into unknown waters. That said, everything now is in the realm of preventive and cosmetic and away from treatment per se, which is a good place to be. I continue all the natural medicine & lifestyle things I know to help build my reserves & my resilience. I am rocking the shortie-short hair do, with some class I am told. Random people ask if they can touch my head to feel the strangely soft fur that is growing in by the day. I am also working more which I love and yes, Paul & I continue to really enjoy the ballroom dancing, too!

I am hoping you are having a bit of summertime wherever you are and that our paths cross again soon! Keep in touch when you have a sec.

With love & light,

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