Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Our Grateful, Peaceful, Healing Home

I woke up today without my beautiful breasts. 
Swapped 'em out for cancer, pretty good deal for me, I'd say! Instead, now my mind is clear, my heart is strong and I can feel it, my body will come back better than ever. Add to that: I get to sit at my lovely kitchen table, a rainbow of roses open wide in a very pretty blue vase, and admire Mt. Norwottock dressed in her morning snow, send a loving email to my kids, eat a really good bowl of oatmeal I made myself and well.....pick up the thread of my life with passion and purpose and a whole lot less worry. 

This whole negative node thing is like winning the lottery- YEAH!!!

Your love, prayers, ++++vibes, humor and general presence to this process with me has lifted me in every way and I know I will need it going forward. I am an optimistic person and upbeat in all regards but I know you will there when my energy flags or I feel bummed I can't do a waltz yet or get my hair just so. Keep putting in the orders for blue skies, too, it sure helps! 

All I can say is, if you ever face this same prospect, which I sincerely hope none of you will, work your ABS beforehand, it's a HUGE asset getting up and down and moving-- so many muscles tie in with the pecs. 

I am going ahead with a bit of breast reconstruction so Im won't be as flat as a 2x4. I have too many dresses that look good on me & require a bit of boob. In a moment of kookie humor I build my reconstructed breast, veggie style, from some winter root veggies:

Whaddya think!?

Sending love and light from our grateful, peaceful, healing home to yours.
xoxo AMY

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