Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Sign of Spring and Good Things to Come

Today I had breakfast with a robin. Winterberry branches are in my flower boxes right outside the kitchen table and there sat a fat robin, puffed up in the chest for warmth against the frosty morning, leaning down and yanking these hard crimson balls, which by the way, I never knew were edible, and seemingly swallowing wholesale. And this just feet away from the premium bird seed, hanging in a feeder. Let's hear it for eating "local & in-season! HA!! Even though I know robins have been staying around these past winters, unlike years past, I find it heartening, a sign of spring and good things to come. I swear it was winking at me through the window pane.

Information gathered yesterday with docs all pretty good about receptor status, cell types etc. awaiting a few more test results. Off to Boston Thursday for a 2nd opinion at MGH through dear friends there who were able to get me in to the head of BR oncology- and will likely leave that visit with a game plan, which will be very good. LET'S get this party started!

Love & light,

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