Friday, January 17, 2014


Bittersweet was hanging at rakish angles all over the paths I walked today. It’s the perfect word for something in my world at the moment. Bitter because, really, who wants, as my kids used to say, stoooopid cancer!

Sweet because having cancer has given me the opportunity to be in touch from so many people I love. And now among the quotes, songs, cards, gifts, the words & hugs of encouragement and support, well, I find so many different kinds of sweet.  The other thing about bittersweet is that it adds color to the drabby winter landscape and reminds me that the colors of spring are not too far off!

I love your recommended book titles (skip the mysteries & sci fi!) & funny movies or TV series on your must see list (I should warn you, in my small-minded way, favorite genres are a baseball movie or a romantic comedy—in other words, nothing heavy, sad, scary, fast moving, action-filled, violent, loud or explicit- oh & also not a fan of animation……what’s left you might ask?!)  Keep ‘em coming; apparently I am going to have some time on my hands. ‘Til then (surgery date: 2/4/14), I am doing life & enjoying it as I usually do: working some, hanging out with Paul, chatting with the kids, writing, noodling around my art room, seeing friends, going to board meetings, dancing….

And lastly, sometimes I worry that you are worried about me, which makes me feel badly. I believe strongly that when I send love, healing thoughts or prayers --a longstanding habit of mine-- that all that positivity first moves through me. So I trust the same is true for you and that you are benefiting in all kinds of ways. I am also linking all the waves of goodness together with a clear intention that it is amplified or magnified on some cosmic channel & coming your way. So, stay tuned folks!

Love & light,

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