Sunday, January 12, 2014

Apron On!

I was taking out the compost this morning and coming back in off the deck, when I found this perfectly sculpted moss-integrated bird's nest right by the door. I cannot say it was there on my way out.  

And not 100% clear where it came from, i.e., there are no obvious trees nearby, though perhaps the gutter area? Having spent the better part of the morning making soup, putting up yogurt, stirring homemade applesauce. I realized this little omen was my overt permission to fully embrace & relish some nesting time as I await treatment. I might well have a loose screw here, but am re-framing this whole cancer thing into an opportunity to do a whole bunch of stuff I love to do, much of which is domestic & creative and well, truth be told, I find quite satisfying. I always thought I'd make a superior housewife in an old fashioned kind of way. Apron on!

Love & light,

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